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2716 ELLIS STREET, BELLINGHAM, WA 98225    •   360-510-2288  


Elizabeth Vignali is an optician and writer in the Pacific Northwest, where she coproduces the Bellingham Kitchen Sessions reading series. She is the author of Object Permanence and coauthor of Your Body A Bullet. Her poems and essays have appeared in Willow Springs, Cincinnati Review, Mid-American Review, Timber, Tinderbox, The Literary Review, and elsewhere. 

Selected Publications


  • “Audubon’s Birds of America, First Edition,” Grist, forthcoming

  • “The Manatee,” Mid-American Review, forthcoming

  • “The Sirens Take Out the Trash,” Sweet Tree Review, Fall 2018

  • “Little House,” “Lyssa Prepares for a Houseguest,” “As Soon As I Get Them,” Menacing Hedge, Fall 2018

  • “What the Eclipse Taught Me,” Pittsburgh Poetry Review, 2018

  • “Distributary,” “Homestead,” The Literary Review, Spring 2018

  • “Medusa Washes the Windows,” “Cybele Rinses the Dishes,” Wallpaper Magazine, May 2018

  • “Demeter Scrubs the Bathtub,” “Pele Knits a Scarf for Poli’ahu,” Sweet Tree Review, Spring 2018

  • “C.R.’s Goddesses Tune Up a 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit,” “Dido Bakes a Pie,” Sweet Tree Review, Summer 2018



  • “Only One,” Qu, January 2017

  • “Something Shining Up,” Psaltery & Lyre, April 2017

  • “The Valkyries Clear the Table,” Psaltery & Lyre, May 2017

  • “Mortgage,” The Cincinnati Review, May 2017

  • “Shoal,” Valparaiso Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 2017

  • “Slap/Stick,” The American Journal of Poetry, July 2017

  • “Hera Takes Down the Christmas Tree,” Psaltery & Lyre, December 2017



  • “The Assassins Have Marked Us,” Arsenic Lobster, 2016

  • “What’s Left,” Split Rock Review, Spring 2016

  • “Spring, As Directed by Alfred Hitchcock,” glassworks, Spring 2016

  • “Jackie” and “The Ex-Lovers,” Natural Bridge, Spring 2016

  • “Stars I’ll Never See,” Hermeneutic Chaos, Spring 2016

  • “Unfurl,” Yellow Chair Review, Spring 2016

  • “As If Light Could Ever Be The Answer,” Stirring, Spring 2016

  • “Once, I Served Only Myself,” Anomaly, Summer 2016

  • “Possession,” Tinderbox, Summer 2016

  • “Rule of Three” and “The Bug Man Says,” Nimrod, Summer 2016

  • “A Corner to Haunt,” “Spire,” “First Impression,” Menacing Hedge, Summer 2016

  • “Everything You Could Have Been,” The Indianola Review, Summer 2016

  •  “Construction” and “Visiting My Dying Grandfather,” Sweet Tree Review, Winter 2016

  • “To A Cellar Spider,” “Nocturne,” “Reflection in the Window at the Redlight,” “Her Reduction,” “Fragrance Lake,” Adelaide Magazine, December 2016



  • “As I Comb Lice From My Daughters’ Hair,” Willow Springs, Spring 2015

  • “Pluck,” Stirring, May 2015

  • “Defects” and “The Poisoning,” Clover, A Literary Rag, Summer 2015

  • “April Fool,” Crab Creek Review, Fall 2015



  • “The Keep,” Jeopardy Magazine, 2014 

  • “Medea Does the Laundry,” Floating Bridge Review #7, 2014

  • "Artemis Mows the Lawn," “The Body Gifters,” “Pilgrimage to the Staircase at Auvers,” “Deianira Rotates the Mattress,” and “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back,” Menacing Hedge, July 2014

  • "The Fates Hang Wallpaper," Clover, A Literary Rag, Summer 2014 

  • “Infinities,” “Night Painting Without Black,” Clover, A Literary Rag, Fall/Winter 2014



  • “Accessories for Women Poets,” Literary Mama, March 2013



  • “On My 34th Birthday,” “White Houses,” Jeopardy Magazine, 2012

  • “My Mother’s Afterlife,” Sue C. Boynton Winning Poems Chapbook, 2012

  • “Hands I’ve Held,” Glass: A Journal of Poetry, January 2012

  • “September Clothesline,” The Commonline Journal, Spring 2012


Books and Anthologies

  • My Body a Bullet, Unsolicited Press, forthcoming

  • “My Mother’s Afterlife,” Poetry Walk: Sue C. Boynton Contest anthology, 2015

  • “Object Permanence,” Noisy Water anthology, 2015

  • Object Permanence, Finishing Line Press, 2014


Writing Awards

  • Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest winner, “The Blue Whale,” 2018

  • Bull City Press chapbook contest finalist, Endangered [Animal], 2018

  • Split Rock Review chapbook contest finalist, Endangered [Animal], 2018

  • Best of the Net nominee, “Pele Knits a Scarf for Her Sister, Poli’ahu,” 2018

  • Pushcart Prize nominee and special mention, “Mortgage,” 2017

  • Lascaux Poetry Prize finalist, “Jackie,” 2017

  • Best New Poets nominee, “Mortgage,” 2017

  • Pushcart Prize nominee, “Something Shining Up,” 2017

  • Crab Creek Review Poetry Contest finalist, “April Fool,” 2015

  • First Place, Write Riot Poetry Slam, January 2015

  • Centrum Scholarship, 2014

  • First Place, Avon Impulse Romance Writer Contest, 2014

  • Morton Marr Poetry Prize finalist, 2013

  • Chuckanut Writers’ Conference Scholarship, 2013

  • R.D. Brown Memorial Scholarship, 2012

  • Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest winner, “My Mother’s Afterlife,” 2012


Selected Readings/Panels

  • Reading with Laura Read, Maya Jewel Zeller, and Kami Westhoff, at Village Books, October 2018

  • “When Women Collaborate,” panel and reading, Ellensburg Poetry Prowl, March 2018

  • AWP off-site reading for Menacing Hedge, 2017

  • AWP off-site reading for Jeopardy Magazine and Menacing Hedge, 2015

  • Everett Poetry Night featured poet, September 2015

  • Object Permanence and Colluvium reading, Village Books, March 2015

  • “The Edge,” “Scarlet Runners,” “Cellar Spider,” “Medea Does the Laundry,” KMRE 102.3’s Poetic Moments, ongoing

  • “What To Do with Your English Degree,” panel, Western Washington University, May 2015

  • Write Riot Poetry Slam, The Honey Moon, January 2015

  • Object Permanence book release, The Green Frog, December 2014

  • The Floating Bridge Review reading, Jack Straw Cultural Center, November 2014

  • Kitchen Sessions featured poet, Bellingham, October 2014

  • Jeopardy Magazine release reading, June 2014

  • Bellingham Poetry Night featured poet, August 2013

  • Western Washington University showcase reading, Village Books, May 2013



  • Interview, B-Side Magazine, Spring 2015

  • Profile, Western Washington University Newsletter, Spring 2015

  • Article, Bellingham Herald, December 2014

  • Article, Take 5, December 2014

  • Interview, Shannon P. Laws, Writer, blog, October 2014

  • Interview, Literary Mama, March 2013



  • Outstanding Graduate, Western Washington University, 2014

  • Western Washington University President’s List, 2012, 2013, 2014



  • Co-produces Kitchen Sessions: Bellingham poetry series

  • Writes industry articles as a licensed dispensing optician



  • BA English—Creative Writing, Graduated 2014 magna cum laude with 4.0 GPA, Western Washington University

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